It’s official! The Xbox Game Pass January 2023 announcement has arrived, with Microsoft confirming that gamers can play three games this week. Microsoft will announce the new Xbox Game Pass games in the middle of each month. However, the announcement was delayed for the announcement for January 2023. This has resulted in strange situations, such as some games being made available to Xbox Game Pass with no prior announcement or Microsoft including games beyond the 15th day in its wrap-up when it usually would mainly focus on the first part of that month.

January 2023 already saw several new games added to the Xbox Game Pass lineup. The first game to be included in Xbox Game Pass in January 2023 was the survival game Stranded Deep which Mortal Shell then followed: Enhanced Edition just a few days after. Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is the complete version of the Soulslike Mortal Shell. Mortal Shell was an element of The Xbox Game Pass lineup before it was taken off. Microsoft has also announced that they have made Mistlands Biome Update available for Valheim. It has been made accessible now, as is the well-known survival game being a component of the PC Game Pass package.

In terms of the brand new Xbox Game Pass games coming this week, Microsoft will release three new titles that it wants to show off. On January 19, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can expect Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Gold. Then, on January 20, Monster Hunter Rise will launch in the Xbox Game Pass service. Although all of the games were previously accessible on other platforms before this, this is the first time that any games are available on Xbox, and you could claim that they’re day-one games.

New Xbox Game Pass Games for January 2023

  • Stranded Deep – Available now
  • Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition – Available now
  • Persona 3 Portable – January 19
  • Persona 4 Golden – January 19
  • Monster Hunter Rise – January 20
  • Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition – January 31
  • Inkulinati – January 31
  • Roboquest – TBA

The Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden ports are likely identical to the versions of these games for other platforms. However, Monster Hunter Rise is quite different. This new version of Monster Hunter Rise features enhanced graphics and performance compared to the previous version and should provide the best method of playing the game. Its sun break expansion is expected to arrive later in the year, so Monster Hunter Rise could keep Xbox Game Pass subscribers busy for a while.

While Microsoft didn’t specifically highlight these games in its latest Xbox Game Pass games for the month of January, previous announcements of release dates have informed fans of the other games they can look forward to in the coming months. Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition is coming to Xbox Game Pass on consoles Xbox Game Pass on January 31, as well as the day the game InkulinatiRoboquest‘s console version is scheduled to be released for Xbox Game Pass on consoles Xbox Game Pass sometime this month; however, the exact release date has yet to be announced.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Should Establish January As Its Big Reveal Month

Xbox could be the first to establish January as an event month when it holds significant reveal events for its forthcoming games. Even though Nintendo, as well as Sony, have been praised for their major unveiling shows, Xbox has often fallen short with its presentations, which are often dull lengthy presentations that may have more substance in the form of deep gameplay dives; however, they fail to create any excitement or interest. There have been instances in which Xbox has hosted legitimate interesting, thrilling events for the reveal, but it has yet to establish its conventions and patterns like its competitors.

Xbox is generally the main event at E3 However, other than that; gamers are still determining whether they can expect any business announcements. Xbox often has a presence in The Game Awards, but there are times when it’s absent from the ceremony. Xbox often appears at other industry events; however, other times, it does not attend the events. In the wake of Nintendo and Sony maintaining their fans’ attention throughout the year through Nintendo Direct and State of Play events, it’s now time for Xbox to develop its version that keeps its players informed.

At present, Xbox does not necessarily have to host events the same way as Sony and Nintendo do; however, it can establish a good rhythm with them so that fans know when the big reveal is to be held. E3 has already set June as the month for Xbox, and with six months between January and June and January, the best time to allow Xbox to host these events is during the start of the new year. This is how Xbox could outline its plans for the first six months of every year, providing gamers with a concept of what’s in store from its Xbox Series X, the S console, and first-party studios.

January is a Historic Month for Xbox

The month of January is not only the ideal time to allow Xbox to outline its plans for the year ahead. The month also is appropriate due to its historical significance. Some may remember that the first Xbox console was revealed to the public in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. It was unveiled with the help of The Rock and Bill Gates. The first Xbox was the first console to see Microsoft launch its hat into the gaming console ring, transforming the game forever.

Since Xbox was launched with its launch in the month of January, it makes sense that the company continues making use of the month as a means to announce announcements to its followers. Although CES is still in existence and may provide Microsoft an opportunity to present announcements, it makes more sense to allow Xbox to hold an event outside of CES because the announcements would focus more on gaming software rather than be about hardware.

No Competition in January

Another reason Xbox could be considering making January one of its most significant unveiling months is because of an overall absence of competition. Although some significant games are due to release on January 20, 2023, the majority of the time, it’s a quiet month in terms of new games being released or, at the very least, significantly slower than other months in the calendar. An upcoming Xbox event might get much more attention, specifically from those looking for exciting gaming experiences.

In addition, Nintendo and Sony have generally left January to themselves in holding the Nintendo Direct and State of Play events. Although Nintendo has held a few times Nintendo Direct in January, the Big N usually picks February for hosting its first major Nintendo Direct event every year. Sony has never gotten into the habit of hosting an event like the State of Play in January even once, so Xbox may have the month all entirely to itself when it comes to games’ reveal events.

An Xbox Games Showcase is Rumored for This Month

There’s been no official announcement as of this writing. However, the rumor is that Xbox will host a games showcase in January. If true, the event could begin a new tradition for January. According to rumors, the Xbox games showcase will occur in January at the end and will focus on a range of games scheduled to release during the first half of the year. These include the most recent Forza Motorsport game by Turn 10 Studios and the co-op vampire shooter Redfall, which is being developed in development at Arkane Studios.

If the event is to happen, it’ll be interesting to observe how seriously Xbox takes the event. The event could be more minor and similar to the events for developers that Xbox has held. However, it’s also possible that a presentation will be influenced by Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct events and the PlayStation’s State of Plays. Some reliable insiders have confirmed that the Xbox showcase will be scheduled for March, and we’re hoping that Xbox releases more information soon so that fans will get a clearer idea of what’s coming from the company in the future.

If this event is the beginning of more shortly remains to be seen. However, it could be a fantastic opportunity to kick off the new tradition of January 1 that will benefit gamers who are part of the Xbox brand.

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