Xbox Cloud Gaming, The 2022 Smart TVs are the first to feature Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing gamers to play games without purchasing an Xbox console. Samsung will bring support for streaming games to specific models in 2021 at the close of the year.

I used the early Black Friday Xbox deal to buy a Samsung Smart TV with Xbox Cloud Gaming. After just a few hours of playing with it, I was convinced I could get the Xbox One out of my living room.

I was perplexed when I discovered that Xbox Cloud Gaming was available on certain TVs. Streaming games from a smartphone or any other device that typically doesn’t have the capability of gaming consoles seemed logical; however, I was still determining why people would stream Xbox games onto a TV when they could hook up to a console.

After playing with the Samsung Smart TV with Xbox Cloud Gaming for a short time, I was convinced. I’ve recently taken the Xbox One out of my living room and now use the TV only.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

It’s now an unlikely contender for one of the most excellent Xbox TVs available, even though I’m not even connected to an Xbox.

I’m from the UK, and Samsung’s range of TVs is different to those who live in the US will find.

While I’m pleased with my particular model concerning picture quality and value, the main feature that stands out to me is the integrated Xbox Cloud Gaming support through the Samsung Gaming Hub. The Samsung Q60B that I’ve listed above is comparable in price. However, it’s accessible for purchase in the US.


You’ll require the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play Xbox Cloud Gaming on a TV. If you’re beginning to use the service, you’ll start your first month at around $1, based on your location. Following that, you can pay approximately $15 per month. The subscription gives gamers access via Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold which is needed for online play. Xbox Cloud Gaming also works on tablets, phones as well as PCs.

Race games have always been my favourite kind of game, and so I started on Forza Horizon 4 as my first game on my television. I’d previously bought Forza Horizon 4 and then played the game on an Xbox One, so all of my save files were moved over. When I launched the game, it picked up exactly where I started with my Xbox One.

The functionality has to be developed by the developers, which means it will only be possible to utilize the feature in some games.

I was pleasantly surprised that I could race when playing via the Cloud. I thought the Xbox Cloud Gaming would be suitable for slower and turn-based games, but it wasn’t easy to keep up speed. Although there was a little delay, it did not hinder my performance. Xbox Cloud Gaming prioritizes performance over aesthetics. Therefore, whenever there was a glitch, the image quality dropped because my input wasn’t affected.

I could be a better shooter, and I tried playing Halo to check out how the service might be able to handle it. I was just as bad in Halo Infinite while playing through the Cloud as I was when playing natively on my device. I’d recommend reading the Xbox Cloud Gaming review to understand better how the service can handle various games.

 if you considered buying a Samsung Smart TV…

I’m not an avid gaming enthusiast. If you’re looking to get the best performance on your television, it’s best to stick to the Xbox Series X and check out the top Black Friday TV deals for gaming. If you’re not a heavy gaming enthusiast like me, having Xbox Cloud Gaming built into your TV will give you gaming experiences without needing an extra console.

Samsung Smart TVs come with an extensive collection of streaming apps that can be used to stream videos. My top apps are compatible with the TV, which includes Disney+, YouTube, Netflix and NFL Game Pass International. The apps helped me eliminate the use of the Xbox One as a media device, which I use daily.

The ability to stream various games via Cloud made it simple to unplug the Xbox One and move it into the office’s storage. I’m not getting rid of it just in case I’d like for a gaming experience not available on Xbox Game Pass, but as I mentioned, I’m a casual player.

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