Nintendo Switch Games, In its fifth year, The Nintendo Switch continues to produce some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences every year. The year 2018 was no exception since the Switch brought long-awaited sequels to various well-known Nintendo series and new indie games that were surprising successes. In the end, it was an excellent year for Switch owners will be pleased to know that Switch’s library was enriched with some great games in 2022 that console owners should take advantage of.

There’s already plenty of excitement regarding specific Nintendo Switch games in 2023. However, 2022 was a step up. It’s yet to be determined how the year following will compare with this one and how it compares to 2022, but there are plenty of games to play. In no particular order, these are the top Nintendo Switch games of 2022.

Bayonetta 3

Following its exclusive launch on Nintendo with the launch of Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U in 2014, fans of the action-packed game have been waiting for another game on the Nintendo Switch. PlatinumGames delivered massively with the launch of Bayonetta 3, offering a new appearance for Bayonetta with new enemies, locations, and even new characters. The gameplay was as good as ever, with nimble controls, flashy combinations, and explosive boss fights to give players the thrilling energy rush they had been hoping for.

Returning characters such as Jeanne, Luka, and Enzo introduced new and exciting developments to their well-known characters. Introducing new characters such as Viola, the adorable young Umbra Witch, and Sigurd, the renowned Alphaverse researcher–helped complete an excellent cast of characters. But, Bayonetta 3 drew some complaints for its lack of satisfaction with the conclusion and unpopular character arcs. However, despite all this, Bayonetta 3 succeeded as an update to the previous games and as a starting the next game to follow.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Following the popularity of 2019’s Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, the Switch is once again capitalizing on the success of spin-off games based on the Musou style by adding Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes to the Switch’s library. It is a sequel to 2017’s Fire Emblem Warriors; Three Hopes offers an alternate version of the events featured in the 2019 edition of Fire Emblem: Three Houses–this is presented in the form of a hack-and-slash action game. The game cleverly blends elements from the series’ strategy RPG roots with the action-packed combat of a game called Musou to give players an experience that gamers from the show are sure to appreciate.

The game received very favorable reviews, with many praises for the depth and the strategy these games provide. People who want to play the continuation of the Three Houses’ eclectic cast of characters were treated to new and exciting interactions and character arcs, mainly thanks to the inclusion of Shez, the new character. Shez. Overall, this game helps to expand on the base Fire Emblem Warriors established and further improves on it in all aspects.

Kirby, along with The Forgotten Land

Kirby is as adorable as ever with this new installment in Nintendo’s beloved series. Kirby, as well as Kirby and the Forgotten Land, was a first for the series since it was the first time a Kirby game was not bound to the 2D plane. This venture into 3D space attracted a lot of similarities to a game such as Super Mario 3D World, more like Super Mario Odyssey. Kirby And The Forgotten Land also built upon the distinctive copy capabilities the series is famous for, introducing a Mouthful Mode mechanic, bringing many things “new” to the series. The comical picture of Kirby breathing in an automobile or vending machine before changing into a form was the basis for lots of fun in the years prior to and after the release.

Like many Kirby games, Kirby and the Forgotten Land had dark undertones under its beautiful exterior. The post-apocalyptic story featured Kirby struggling to survive the ruin of the enigmatic New World as he attempts to rescue kidnapped Waddle Dees. Between exploring stunning levels, engaging in exciting boss fights, constructing Waddle Dee Town, and enhancing capabilities to copy, Kirby and the Forgotten Land was packed with fresh and innovative games Kirby fans wanted.

Mario and Rabbids Sparks of Hope

In a sequel to one of 2017’s best-kept treasures, Mario and Rabbids Sparks of Hope takes everything gamers loved about the first game and takes it to the next level to create a fun and accessible tactical RPG. The game features Mario, along with the Rabbids working together to save the Sparks-the Rabbid version that is part of the Super Mario Galaxy’s Lumas–from the dangers of the evil Cursa and her plan to take away the force of the Sparks to her benefit. Restoring Sparks Spark is an advantage for players, as they can use their skills to assist in taking off enemies during battle.

Alongside the previously playable characters from the original game Mario and Rabbids, Sparks of Hope adds Bowser and Rabbid Rosalina and the original character Edge to the roster. For the first time in the series, the game also has vocal acting, to which fans have mixed feelings. Despite some sloppy voice acting, the game’s strategic gameplay, adorable characters, and galactic adventure put Mario and Rabbids Sparks of Hope atop its predecessor as a must-have essential for Switch owners.

Neon White

Neon White is the indie sensation that the Switch needed this year. From the moment it was revealed, the game was awe-inspiring to many with its quick-paced, parkour-style action and intriguing game-playing using cards FPS combat. After its release, it combined these elements, attractive characters, and a gorgeous design style to make an experience that ticked many of the criteria gamers look for in an Indie title. The unique way of fighting, which uses cards to depict different attacks players can make, stands out as an original twist to the FPS genre.

Neon White is a game where Neon White players play the part of the main character, an assassin from Hell chosen to fight other Neon demon slayers to win the chance to go to Heaven for the rest of their lives. As part of their game, players are required to finish their levels as quickly as they can using the tools at their disposal. The emphasis on speed makes Neon White great for speedrunning, and it’s easily accessible so that even novice players will feel as if they’re enhancing their speedrun abilities. Neon White will be a great fit on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a console exclusive.

Nintendo Switch Games

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon players received a pleasant delight this year as Pokemon Legends: Arceus was released in January. It was the only mainline title to break away from the previous strategy of collecting Pokemon and challenging gyms and eventually becoming the best in the region. Instead, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will take players back to the world that is Hisui (Sinnoh in the “present”). The time in which this game takes place is when Pokemon and humans have independently and the player has to help Professor Laventon to complete the region’s initial Pokedex by capturing creatures using the new Pokeballs.

Fans applauded the efforts made by Game Freak’s developer Game Freak in advancing the series beyond the cookie-cutter format of the previous games. Despite the deviation from its original story and gameplay mechanics, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the source of numerous new characters that are fan-favorite and unforgettable boss fights.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet made the series into the ninth generation and was a major overhaul of both gameplay and design. Like Pokemon Legends, Arceus, Scarlet, and Violet emphasized exploration by giving players the first truly open world within the franchise. The players can explore the Paldea region in the way they liked, with three main storylines – Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street.

Series are moving forward. The most notable change was the Switch of random interactions in high grass to encounters in the overworld that combined the gameplay in Pokemon Legends: Arceus with those of the more classic games. The games faced some criticism due to their unstable technical condition, with many fans complaining about frame rate issues and the array of bugs in the game at the time of launch. However, the fantastic gameplay of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet makes them one of the most inventive Pokemon games released to present and provides that the series is headed in the right direction.

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Splatoon 3.

Nintendo’s cult turf-inking FPS franchise has had its third entry in the year with the launch of Splatoon 3. The second Splatoon game available on the Nintendo Switch, Splatoon 3, was an organic development of everything that fans liked in previous games. Alongside the game’s legendary Turf War mode, Splatoon 3 introduced anarchy battles as a new multiplayer mode available online. Fans have a cult favorite Salmon run PvE game mode that came back after the Splatoon sequel with brand new bosses, maps, and the opportunity to play Cohozuna, the fantastical King Salmonid. The Tableturf Battle card game was an unexpectedly popular choice among players.

In the wake of the epic Order vs. Chaos Splatfest ended the everyday events from Splatoon 2. Splatoon 3’s is a single-player game that features elements of the post-apocalyptic Splatlands within the new city of Splitsville and an unsettling new world called Alterna. Fans of previous franchise installments will find many things to like about the new features that Splatoon 3 provides. With fresh content coming out every day, gamers will find plenty to keep them entertained by this game throughout next year.

Triangle Strategy

Nations. In the game Triangle Strategy, players take the role of Serenoa, the heir to House Wolfforth, as he and his companions are forced into a battle with three of the most influential regions in the region. The game’s”conviction” mechanic permits the plot to unfold in various options based on the decisions made by the players during the game and their abilities to influence their friends toward their preferred path.

The players of the tactic RPGs will love the rich combat system as well as the wide range of characters recruitable to think around. Triangle Strategy’s stunning HD-2D art style is reminiscent of old-fashioned strategy RPGs, yet it looks impressive in the context of its contemporary counterparts. While the game slipped beneath the radar compared to other top titles released around that time, players of the genre should pay attention to this.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 introduced players to the world of Aionios, where two nations – Agnus and Knives — are at war in an endless battle for the vital force required to generate each other’s Flame Clocks. The players are a part of a team of characters from both nations and are exiled after gaining the power of the Ouroboros. They must find out the truth behind Ouroboros and the mysterious organization known as Moebius. The story follows players out on a mission to liberate colonies from the grip of Flame Clocks.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 reduces the complex combat mechanics in previous games but offers depth and variation to keep players interested in the long run. The ability to recruit Heroes to gain new classes to the group and construct plans about Interlinking as well as Chain Attacks are just some ways that players can alter how they take to battles. Fans of the series as well as newcomers alike will be able to experience one of the top JRPG storylines of all time in the instantly acclaimed.

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