Ten games similar The most enjoyable games, such as Life is Strange, can also be immersive experiences that provide some of the most compelling game stories. Its Life is Strange series is the source of many amazing stories, ranging including the thrilling story that follows Max along with Chloe within Life is Strange to the captivating Prequel Life is Strange: Before Storm as well as the emotional and profound story that follows Sean as well as Daniel In Life is Strange two which is the latest installment of Life is Strange: True Colors also has us longing for more. No matter if you love the series because of its characters and mechanics based on choices or the story, there are plenty of games that are as good as Life is Strange to try to play next.

If you’re looking to get away to escape your Life is Strange universe and explore something similar to it, follow the link below to find out our top pick of the top 10 games similar to Life is Strange to play today.

Ten games similar

OxenfreeDeveloper: Night School Studio Available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

In the same way that Life is Strange shakes things up with its time-bending mechanism and story, Oxenfree turns out to be a surprise because of an unnatural party-crasher that takes the form of an unsettling split. Alex as a teenager, invites her stepbrother to a celebration at Edwards Island with three of her classmates. The mysterious rift rips the group and forces Alex into her quest to resolve her issues and confront some of the darkest aspects of her and her fellow group of friends.

Despite the story’s otherworldly arc, the core of Night School Studio’s tale is a moving, coming-of-age story about five friends who have their own personal issues. Similar to what you’ll experience, use Max and any of the Life is Strange protagonists you have control over in the series. The choices for dialogue allow you to decide the character of Alex and how you wish to move through the narrative. With an eye-catching style of art, fleshed-out characters, top-quality voice acting, and a captivating story, Oxenfree is right up your street if you enjoy stories that pull at your heartstrings and keep you guessing.

Night in the Woods

Developer: Infinite Fall

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Infinite Autumn’s night at The Woods is a narrative-driven adventure focusing on the characters that populate the imaginary setting, Possum Springs. As the main character Mae Borowski, you return to the mining town she used to call home to reconnect with her old pals and escape her struggles. Night in the Woods tells an engaging story of the town’s residents and friends who struggle to make sense of life and face the many challenges life faces.

The 2D platformer tackles friendship, mental health, and healing issues, giving it a deeper meaning than one initially imagined. Some aspects of psychological horror that depend on Mae’s mental well-being are also present, adding mystery and creating a thrilling experience. Through its exploration of critical issues, it is a must-read for those looking for a captivating tale full of humor and emotion.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Developer: Telltale

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Do you like memorable characters with strong personalities and diverse story choices? Telltale’s The Walking Dead might be your ideal choice. It’s an episodic format, similar to Live is Strange, the complete Walking Dead series – from the beginning until the latest finale worth checking out. Still, it’s more sensible to begin at the beginning. When the Walker outbreak begins to take hold, and you take over Lee Everett, who’s in the back of a police car at the time that things start to get worse. The worse.

With endless choices to make and no clear and dry moral guidelines to guide you through creating, Telltale’s entry into The Walking Dead series takes you on an emotional, wild journey that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. In the aftermath of a car accident that was haphazardly caused and you get away from the law, and you’ll realize that zombies are much more deadly than copper. In the end, you’ll encounter Clementine, a young girl away from her parent. Through your help and guidance, You influence Clementine’s behavior and outlook, and as the series develops, you’ll be playing Clem. The characters will surely be with you for the rest of your life.


Developer: Campo Santo

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

The aspect of the mystery of Life is Strange keeps you interested throughout the entire series, and like the best TV cliffhangers, every episode makes you want to learn more. Although it’s not an episodic way, Firewatch‘s experimental techniques and investigational storytelling can satisfy the same craving. From a first-person viewpoint, you’re Henry, an individual hired to work in the Wyoming wilderness, where he has to look out for flames and smoke.

The story talks with Henry with his manager Delilah on an electronic radio. It becomes apparent that there’s more to Henry’s tale, and as the days and months progress in the game, his story – along with the vast mountainous landscapes he travels through- gets more complicated. With beautifully stylized and fully realized character models, Firewatch offers a quick immersive, evocative story that’s difficult to forget.

Quantum Break

Available on: PC, Xbox One

Quantum Break throws time-bending supernatural power within the game intensely but emphasizes the narrative and its story as Max will confirm that having superhuman abilities isn’t a pleasant experience. Sure, it’s helpful to make crucial decisions more favorable and show various outcomes, but the responsibility for influencing fate is quite weighty… especially when you’re in your awkward teenage teens.

It’s a cinematic journey that’s quite similar to the experience of your sci-fi TV show. Through a range of choices, you’ll have the option to follow the tale that follows hero Jack Joyce or his rival Paul Serene – who both had outstanding time-bending skills. The X-Men’s Shawn Ashmore and Games of Throne’s personal Littlefinger Aidan Gillen played the roles by using motion-capture technology to give you incredibly realistic characters in the game. A mix of action game and television show that interactive Remedy Entertainment’s game will surely appeal to those looking for an action-packed, more mature adventure that lets you choose the story’s ending.

Until Dawn

Developer: Supermassive Games Available on: PS4

If you’re looking for choices that have serious consequences (and more complex decisions than deciding the choice of pancakes or eggs with bacon) If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that Until Dawn goes to the next step. It’s not a million miles from creating your horror film Until Dawn gives you choices and events with quick time, which could be death or life, to the people you encounter. It follows the story of eight friends who find themselves in a mountain hideaway and discover that they’re not entirely alone.

. As tensions rise, your choices will decide the group’s fate. You must consider your options and keep your eyes on yourself, as you don’t know will know what’s just around the corner. There are many familiar faces in the cast of characters ranging from Bohemian Rhapsody‘s Rami Malek to Hero’s Hayden Panettiere. The realistic and atmospheric appearance of Until Dawn makes it all the more exciting. It captures the spirit of horror films beautifully by utilizing themes of slasher-horror; however, it does enough to keep you entertained.

The Wolf Among Us

Developer: Telltale

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Another action-packed adventure that places storytelling and decision-making at the forefront, Wolf Among Us is one of the most entertaining titles from Telltale. It’s a prequel to Bill Willingham’s fantastic graphic novel Fables; the Wolf Among Us is the tale of Bigby Wolf, the Sheriff in the acting of Fabletown. In the fictional world of Fabletown, Fables are fairytale characters who adopt glamours and disguises to hide from the everyday world. Bigby, who was previously popularly known to be the Big Bad Wolf, is now himself involved in an investigation into a murder which takes him on quite an adventure.

It’s your turn to decide how you will handle the events that occur, what you do with friends in fables, and the world surrounding you. The story is captivating and captivating characters that reflect Willingham’s vision in Telltell’s distinctive style. If you’re a lover of detective and fantasy genres, You’ll surely enjoy this. And Life is Strange has lots of suspense to keep you interested throughout the episodic structure.

Last Day of June

Developer: Ovosonico Available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch

The human aspect that is Life can be Strange, as well as the relationship it portrays, is why it has so much emotional depth and a sense of likability. If you’re searching for an inspirational story focused on human connections and relationships, The Last Day of June’s story of loss and love will touch your heart and cause your eyes to water. The unique style of art and beautiful soundtrack set the stage for an engaging story about a couple, Carl And June.

Following a devastating car crash, You play as Carl, who must go through a maze of puzzles and decisions to find the beloved person he lost. Awe-inspiringly moving and unforgettable, Ovosonico’s story-driven game will tick all the right boxes if you’re looking for something quick and sweet but with emotions.

Gone Home

Developer: Fullbright Available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

If you’re a fan of a narrative that is centered around exploring and discovery, then the first-person story of Fullbright Company is perfect for you. It is set in a meticulously elaborate and gorgeously rendered house. You play the part of Katie, that returns to her home after a trip. When you arrive at the door to your home, you realize that your family isn’t there and, after having been away for a while, There are a lot of questions regarding your family members which need to be answered.

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail and like discovering a fascinating mystery with an exciting plot, Gone Home is the book for you. By examining drawings or listening to tapes and locating notes and letters, you’ll discover the secrets of your family’s past and the challenges they faced when you were away. In addition to looking around the home, you’ll be able to explore the themes of family, relationships, and growth, as well as more.

Beyond Two Souls

Developer: Quantic Dream

Available on: PS4, PC

Beyond Two Souls is a film that is a story-driven adventure in cinema by Quantic Dream that emphasizes the choice you choose to make. The player plays as Jodie, who begins as an infant in foster care and is in a bizarre relationship with the soul or human entity she names Aiden. Every choice shapes the plot of the story and the game, and there are different endings and scenarios, as you do in Life is Strange.

Additionally, you play the role of Aiden throughout the narrative as an individual entity that can help or hinder Jodie’s path. While Jodie attempts to live her everyday life, she is trapped in a web of complicated choices left to her. Ellen Page and Willem Defoe are the interactive adventure’s main characters, allowing you to decide how the story plays out.

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