Star Wars Jedi, The cover and summary of a forthcoming novel that bridges gaps between Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has provided some information about the plot leading to the new game.

The story Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars will include the leading team comprising the Stinger Mantis, including Cal Kestis, Cere Junda, Greez Dritus, and the Nightsister Merrin, along with BD-1 continuing to fight at the Empire.

The story will show the Stinger Mantis confronting an armed stormtrooper with “word of a mighty and potentially valuable weapon in their fight against their enemies, the Empire”.

The most exciting aspect of the story description is that the group will be pursued by the Fifth Brother, The round-hatted Inquisitor that you might recognize from Rebels and the Obi-Wan Kenobi franchise.

The connection between those two Jedi games and Obi-Wan has been profound, as Fortress Inquisitorius appeared after Fallen Order plays prominently in the Obi-Wan series in a couple of episodes.

It needs to be clarified precisely where Battle Scars takes place in the five years between the two games, but the cover art suggests it will take home a couple of years before Jedi: Survivor.

. It remains to be seen how closely the novel’s plot will connect to the property of the new game. The plot description suggests that it may be an additional adventure that is a part of Stinger Mantis. Stinger Mantis crew, though characters such as The Fifth Brother and the unnamed stormtrooper may appear in Survivor.

As previously reported, the novel was created in the hands of Sam Maggs and is set to launch on March 7 2023. EA has adamantly refused to reveal the date of release for the game in development; however; sources claim Jedi: Survivor is on the plan to release in March, likely following Battle Scars.

It’s important to note that the publisher EA has recently shifted towards shorter marketing cycles in recent releases such as Need for Speed Unbound. It could be long before we see more of Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi

The top 10 Star Wars games of all time

Everyone has a different opinion when you’re trying to decide on the most enjoyable Star Wars games, just like the films. Through many years of Star Wars, gamers have witnessed many other adventures that transport us to a galaxy from us. With various characters or stories and Lego-style variations, the Star Wars games we’ve seen play on multiple platforms have been available in different shapes and sizes, with each offering something new.

With a myriad of coming Star Wars games awaiting us shortly, It’s the perfect moment to review the many memorable adventures in the world of games within the Star Wars universe. From the classics we love to the latest games, here’s our selection of the top Star Wars games. And may the Force be with you always.

The top Star Wars games are…

1-Star Wars Battlefront 2

If you’re hoping to feel like you’re fighting in a distant galaxy, there aren’t many better games to play than Star Wars Battlefront 2. Although the story mode is brief and a little boring, there’s no development support for the game (RIP).

You’re here to play excellent multiplayer as refined as Darth Vader’s armour. The main attraction this time will be the Starfighter Assault mode that sees players taking the “attack and defend” ethos from the first Star Wars Battlefront’s Walker Assault and firing it into space.

The speed of freedom as you fly through the sky over Endor is an exciting business fighting the wreckage of the demolished Deathstar and providing continuous cinematic, though chaotic, entertainment. Galactic Assault, too, stuns with its massive battles with 32 players.

After a much more rocky debut than Ahch-To’s cliffs of Ahch To, Battlefront 2 has evolved from its initial release to be one of the more accessible shooters available to Star Wars fans.

2-Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

After 17 years of perfecting the formula, creator Traveller’s Tales has returned to the game that began the entire series and is determined to remake the LEGO Star Wars. The word “remake” does not give the full measure of the vision in this. It’s a brand innovative game that recreates not just the trilogy’s original films with LEGO shape but also the nine films in A New Hope’s yellow script. A New Hope, through the “I am senator” attitude of the prequel trilogy, and finally, the final scene of The Rise of Skywalker (complete with a slick eye gag). The entire collection is available. The action scenes you’ve come to love, however, and the towns, forests and swamps surrounding them are all pulsing with LEGO-inspired characters and full of Star Wars lore, puzzles and problems. If a game is entirely all-in, Yoda was right. Do or do not do; there’s nothing to attempt.

3-Star Wars: Squadrons

You were mistaken if you thought you could not find a stellar starfighter game following Star Wars: TIE Fighter (and the fantastic X-Wing series). Star Wars: Squadrons is a delightful space combat title from EA, which is even more enjoyable in VR.

It lets you enter the cockpit of an intricate starfighter with the help of knobs, buttons and buttons as an actual pilot while you engage in battles in space across the galaxy. Multiplayer games are loads of fun.

A very engaging story lets you decide which side to take in the struggle to save the universe’s heart. Are you going to support your side with the New Republic or side with the Empire? Whichever you decide to go with, Star Wars: Squadrons will be a show that you will not forget.

4-Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

This puzzle is aimed towards a younger crowd; however, plenty of gags and references appeal to grown-ups too. Randomly slinging around our lightsabers and smashing things is an absolute blast, especially with the cinema-style sound effects and the music contrast with the hilarious slapstick action.

We’ll accidentally hit our co-op buddy, and watching the slapstick go through Lego pieces is fun. Do you want to play Luke Skywalker? Okay, switch to any other 50 characters and experiment with their distinct abilities.

Lego Star Wars 2 satisfies our never-ending desire for exciting lightsaber battles and our insatiable desire to construct Lego devices and more in one. The Complete Saga takes you through the sequences of the six films that allow you to revisit every aspect, from the dramatic duality of fates to an end to the second Death Star. It’s not much more than this.

5-Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

If there’s one moment that is the essence of this superb Star Wars adventure, it’s when you discover the ability to force enemies towards the hot side of the lightsaber Cal has.

Not many Star Wars games have captured the potential to be a Jedi, and Fallen Order manages it. It also has a complex level design that allows players to explore the game’s vast collection of planets enjoyable and it’s EA’s most excellent Star Wars game since they began to make games.

We’re looking forward to the sequel that is coming out, Star Wars Jedi: The Survivor.

6-Star Wars: Republic Commando

It was initially an Xbox exclusivity when it was first released in 2005. Star Wars: Republic Commando is among the best games within the Star Wars games library. It’s an excellent shooter with a solid base; however, LucasArts adds a lot of variation to the action by giving each of the four characters unique voices and personalities.

They all have their peculiarities, skills and preferred places. In short, these boys (and their often impressive AI) know how to complete the task. Include a variety of creative design decisions and top-quality visual apex (that clean your windshield), and you’ve got one of the very few Star Wars titles to stand out in its way.

7-Star Wars: The Old Republic

Many thousands of years before the time when the Empire and Darth Vader ruled the galaxy with an iron fist, the Old Republic was a place of peace for more than 1000 generations. This rich, seldom-used background provides the perfect backdrop for an ever-growing MMO.

BioWare has jumped into this exciting historical timeline by releasing Star Wars: The Old Republic offering players an expansive, ancient world to explore that is unhindered by the Star Wars movie canon. In SWTOR, you decide the hero you want to portray.

You can play as an aspiring Jedi Knight struggling to maintain peace and justice, a sinister Bounty Hunter hoping to earn the next big deal or an ardent Imperial agent.

With the intricate narrative in the story (which is distinct to each character), a wealth of side-quests, and the chance to meet the ever-growing group of characters, The Old Republic lets you create your space adventure one adventure at a time.

It’s free to play if you’re budget-conscious, but a subscription allows you only to play the primary story quests, providing the best eight BioWare stories in one location.

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