Callisto Protocol Although not an ideal experience, The Callisto Protocol gives you an exciting and thrilling adventure. But the incident does not last long. Suppose you’ve loved the experience and are looking for more. Indeed, there are only games that are similar to it.

The games that you need to play. Some are alike in different ways. They could be set in the same setting, share gameplay mechanics, have the same style, or even have similar plots. Whatever they are, they will help you scratch the Callisto Protocol itch and help you get over the horror game.

Callisto Protocol

Dead Space (2008)

Dead Space is one of the first games that spring to mind when thinking of games similar to The Callisto Protocol. The director of the first was also a co-creator of the game. It’s evident when playing the games since they share an identical game style and tone and third-person play; however, Dead Space has more to do with focused on weaponry that can be ranged.

Unlike a flight pilot, this game is based on Issac Clarke, an engineer in Space and one the top protagonists in the horror genre. He is stranded on an alien spaceship that happens to be inhabited by many dangerous creatures called Necromorphs. His primary goals are to discover his girlfriend’s fate and make it through. The task becomes more difficult by his increasing psychosis.

Silent Hill 2 (2001)

While the primary goal of Jacob in the novel The Callisto Protocol is to escape, there’s an undercurrent mystery in the book as well. In the end, you need to find out why or how the prison broke up. A game of horror based on a mystery is the best way to describe Silent Hill 2.

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In this film, the main character, James Sunderland, goes to an eerie town known as Silent Hill to find his supposed deceased wife after receiving an email stating that she might exist. In Silent Hill, he comes through all kinds of frightening creatures. As Jacob, the player can use melee weapons to defeat these creatures. However, combat isn’t the main priority in this game. The game is more about storytelling, puzzles, and the application of psychological terror.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

The version for 2019 is Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 is a perfect companion to The Callisto Protocol, as both are atmospheric and with a confined region. Due to the influence of this Resident Evil series, almost every survival horror game in the world is identical to one of the entries in the legendary series.

For RE2, The location for RE2 can be described as The Racoon City Police Station and the surrounding area. The two main characters, Leon and Claire, are trapped there, trying to escape the hordes of zombies engulfing the city. As with Jacob from TCP, They’re both new survivors in the timeline of RE. They’re nevertheless required to endure all kinds of horrors using any weapons and ammunition they can come across.

Condemned: Criminal Origins (2005)

It’s a less-known horror movie that was released in the mid-2000s. Its age is why it’s not quite as stunning visually in its visuals as The Callisto Protocol. It is, however, like The Striking Distance Studios game in different ways. It is also a horror game focusing more on melee weapons than guns. The main character in this film, Ethan Thomas, doesn’t have a fancy stun weapon, but he does have a stun baton. Instead, he is forced to use the things he can find in 2x4s or pipes.

As well as having less technology. In addition, Ethan’s situation is different than Jacob’s. For one, Ethan is an investigator looking to find the serial murderer. That means he’s also required to conduct crime scene investigations when he’s not fighting insane people in the first person.

The Last Of Us (2013)

The story and the locations that you explore are pretty different, but. From a gameplay perspective, is remarkably like The Callisto Protocol. Both games use the third-person camera, feature melee combat, and stealth sections, and put players against several horrifying enemies.

The Last Of Us is about the character of Joel, who is trying to guide the young girl Ellie to a secret location on the opposite side of the future post-apocalyptic United States. In the journey, the two initially antagonistic characters begin to form the most powerful connection that reminds Joel of the relationship in which he shared the love of his child. This story will likely bring you closer to the level than Jacob’s story in The Callisto Protocol.

Prey (2017)

Everything seems OK initially, but then things take an unexpected turn. Then, the next thing you know, you’re awake in a place swarming with myriad deadly creatures. This story opens the book The Callisto Protocol and 2017’s Prey. The setup for each of the adventures is similar. However, there are other commonalities between the two games.

In Prey In Prey, you have a lot of time wandering around different locations and knowing that a dangerous creature could strike at any time. The setting in this movie is a space station, and the animal is an alien called Typhon, who has taken over the station. It would help if you discovered what happened, using various gadgets and guns to get through your time in the station.

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