PNYXLR8 SSD Gaming Kit, is among the most affordable PS5 drives for 2023. While it may not be the best in terms of raw performance but its aggressive pricing, an outstandingly-designed heatsink, and consistently high performance make this console-specific CS3140 bundle worth looking into for your system.

This PNY XLR8 SSD Gaming Kit is among the more efficient and affordable PS5-compatible drives you could put onto your console.

With its consistent performance quality, this is one of the top SSDs for PS5 available today, even though it’s not the most powerful model in this generation of the 4.0 world.

If you’re looking for much more storage to play the most popular PS5 games, the PNY XLR8 SSD Gaming Kit is an absolute winner with your PlayStation 5 console.

If you’re concerned about the amount of space needed for downloading games available from PlayStation Plus’s PS Plus Game Catalog to your PC, it might be the best way to maximize the games’ value.

PNYXLR8 SSD Gaming Kit


There are two options in purchasing this specific drive set; however, the one you pick will depend on where you are located around the globe.

The easiest option is to buy one of the PNY XLR8 SSD Gaming Kit that packs a PNY CS3140 SSD with NVMe and the company’s customized PlayStation 5 SSD heatsink for a price that is competitive.

Costs increase with capacity, so you’ll have to be charged $106.98 /PS190.79 to get 1TB of storage, $180.98 for 2TB, and $485.98 for 4TB.

In other regions, like those in the UK and Australia where the Game Kit is available, you’ll have a much easier time getting this Game Kit by buying both components in separate purchases.

It’s because, at the moment of writing this article, the PNY CS3140 is currently priced at PS180 or AU$195.95 (1TB) or PS222.40 and 349 AU$ (2TB) as well as configurations with 4TB being more challenging to find out of US.

In addition, you can get the PNY XLR8 SSD cover priced at PS21.10 or AU$43.62. You’ll pay approximately PS200 or AU$239.57 for 1TB and PS243.50 or AU$392.62 for 2TB.


As a whole, it’s clear that the XLR8 SSD Gaming Kit provides the necessary components to connect an M.2 SSD to the PS5. PS5. It’s primarily due to the heatsink, a thermal dissipation device, and a more robust alternative to the stock M.2 cover in the console.

It’s made of aluminum to transfer heat and make the drive more secure because it is flush with metal. It’s because of its thermal adhesion pad, which adheres to the industry when it’s placed so that maximum airflow can be produced.

Many of the top SSDs for PS5 comes with a thick heatsink made of aluminum, such as the Kingston Fury Renegade, which makes PNY XLR8 and PNY XLR8 less practical. Another notable difference is Sabrent 4 Rocket Plus, which has the standard drive and an external heat-spreading device.

This implies that any classic Non-Heatsink Generation 4.0 NVMe SSD can work with your PS5 should you upgrade your system.

In terms of thermal solutions, The thermal solution aside, aside from the thermal solution, PNY CS3140 is very much the standard high-performance drive. This means that you’ve been given it with the Phison E18 at the helm, and I’m adamant about it being the most efficient NVMe controller.

It is also used with models with 7,000 MB/s or more speeds. Additionally, there’s 176-layer 3D TLC flash memory paired with dedicated DRAM to push these speeds.

When the drive was first introduced in the early 2021s, it boasted of ‘never had seen speeds.’ Two years later, the hardware inside could be more thrilling, but it’s still doing business.

Like many SSDs used in PS5, The main speed difference is likely dependent on the drives’ capacities. This is true for this PNY, the XLR8 SSD Gaming Kit. In our test, the 1TB model, PNY claims you can achieve sequential write and read speeds up to 7,500 MB/s and 5,650 MB/s, respectively.

However, these numbers increase dramatically when you upgrade to a 4TB or 2TB model since the write speed rises to 6,850 MB/s. If you’re looking to get the fastest rates that this kit can offer, it is recommended to look at the higher-capacity model.


Its PNY XLR8 SSD Gaming Kit isn’t the top choice it once was, but it doesn’t matter since it has consistent performance in my testing. I’ve been using it on my PS5 for quite a while since then, and I’ve experienced everything it can accomplish, and I’m exactly as impressed as I was when I first tried it.

The benchmarking tool for the PS5 revealed a read rate of 6,198 MB/s. This significantly surpasses Sony’s recommended minimum figure of 5,500 MB/s which is the minimum you need to run smoothly.

This is the second-fastest drive I’ve ever encountered and is just in front of its predecessor, the Kingston Fury Renegade. This is impressive, considering the Renegade is more modern and more expensive.

The speed of transfer from PS5 internal memory to PNY the XLR8 SSD Gaming Kit was just as fast as the raw reading figures. The more giant games, like God of War Ragnarok with its 84.20 gigabytes of data, were written to the CS3140 in only one minute and 35 seconds. It’s less time than the time it takes to wait for your tea to be brewed.

It’s the small file transfers that reveal the totality of the drive, but. If we take some of the most popular games, for example, The Callisto Protocol (43.14 GB) and Deathloop (29.69 GB), we can get one GB/sec or more with a write time of 41 and 23 seconds, respectively.

Although the 1TB model may appear slower than the 4TB and 2TB versions, it’s not noticeable in real-world testing if our tests are something to be believed.

Starting games was quick, taking only 7 seconds for the game to start up and play Death Stranding, Sonic Frontiers, and the Callisto Protocol. PS5 games specifically optimized for the speed available with NVMe Gen 4.0 will beat, or slightly over, the internal storage in this, and you won’t have to wait around when you start the game.

I cannot fault anything on this PNY XLR8 SSD Gaming Kit. Suppose you purchase the PNY CS3140 with the dedicated heatsink or the two in a bundle or buy them separately. In that case, it is an excellent SSD, particularly if you purchase a higher-capacity model.

While many argue whether PS5 SSD speeds for reading and writing are relevant, the combination shows that even after two years, the system can keep up with the competition and then some.

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