PC gaming’s most recognizable guns, Similar to how I think the sun rises early in the day, CSGO players begin their matches believing that the AWP, that legendary sniper rifle that caused heartbreak and created legends over the last 20 years, is the same god gun that shoots one shot it has always been. It still is in the present, but the AWP has significantly changed. I’m hoping the sun is okay.

In particular, the AWP’s magazine size has been reduced by half from 10 to five. Valve announced the news in conjunction with the launch of the latest patch of CS: GO(opens in a new tab), which also reduces the effectiveness of the M4A1S’s distance and eliminates Dust 2 from the current Active Duty map pool.

“Make your guns count” is a fifty% reduction in ammunition in the arsenal and will majorly influence the number of players (and likely specific pros) utilizing the powerful weapon that costs $4,750. An AWP with the right equipment can alter the course of a game, and many professional teams employ at least one or two designated powers. It’s not unusual for a professional player to string together three, two, or even four kills in one row, then win the game, and then use the same AWP the next round to repeat the same feat. It’s not surprising that it’s the most expensive weapon that CS: GO has, but with a smaller magazine, players must consider whether the AWP purchase is worthwhile.

Most of the time? Probably. It’s likely. AWP is a dangerous gun by itself. You have to miss one shot to allow your enemies to shoot the weapon. This is still the case for the 5-rounder; however, the requirement to reload frequently is bound to make it harder for a single player to blast; there is no scope into tiny areas, and they could keep a group of five players even when they miss just a couple of shots. The CS: GO community is reacting to the AWP changes with a mixture of confusion and fear with a cautious sense of optimism.

PC gaming's most recognizable guns is now being altered.

“People will reload the page now,” wrote Redditor Sosen(opens in a new tab).

Don’t keep watching all day long,” added user mcucsgo.

A few fans also laughed at the fact that just three days after the infamous French A.W.P. the kennyS(opens in a new tab) returned to the field after an absence of 18 months, Valve has curtailed his most-loved weapon.

It’s accurate that Valve seldom makes drastic changes to the gun meta of CS: GO; however, it is more likely to remain when it does announce an update to a primary weapon. The last major update made to AWP was seven years ago. This 2015 update created a considerable stir(opens in a new tab) among AWPers who found out that the scoped-in motion speed meant they couldn’t longer use quick-peek angles to take quick kills, as they were able to do for many years. The AWP also received a nit-picking tweak to its acceleration during February 2020.

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The 5-round mag changes bring the AWP closer to the CS: GO’s a most potent rival, Valiant. The Riot version of that AWP gun called the adorably called Operator(opens in a new tab) (“Op” for short) has a five-round mag. Before today, the size of magazines was among the significant distinctions between these two powerful rifles. In all other important ways, the rifles are the same.

Perhaps Valve might be taking tips on Riot’s strategic shooter. This would be only right following it was revealed that League of Legends studio did one huge Ctrl+C+V over Counter-Strike’s entire game.

Don’t buy this $150 RTX3060

I’d be all over it if it were a $150 RTX3060 gaming laptop. I may even purchase two. However, even though there are some fantastic Black Friday laptop gaming bargains(opens in a new tab) this year, I think this A7 K1 Gigabyte deal on Amazon for $150(opens in a new tab) is just too good to be true.

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The store is an original store that was $150(opens in a new tab). You’re welcome.

PC gaming's most recognizable guns is now being altered.
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I’m British. I’m not sure what the significance of having the word “y’all” included however it seemed appropriate given the western feel of the entire $150 store venture. There’s also a modestly Asus gaming laptop sporting an RTX 3050 Ti inside it, priced at $150, and a high back massage reclining office chair with Footrest for just $150.

Every bargain is a bargain, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

I suggest keeping the money you paid for this, but getting the laptop you bought out of the box will take a long time. We’ve completed our research and asked questions but have yet to.

There are alternatives, but I’m talking about a legitimate RTX 30-powered laptop with Gigabyte specs that is on sale for $729 on Newegg, for instance.

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