Parlux Digitalyon Light Air,The most appealing characteristic of this Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer is its lightweight and straightforward use. It has controls on the handle that cannot be accidentally touched while using the hair dryer, an option for cool-shot, and adjustable speed and heat settings.

But, when you use the most extreme environment, the heat becomes quite hot, so if you intend to use it for your children’s hair, too, you should choose a lower setting. In the end, however, we liked its comfortable appearance and stylishly simple design, an enjoyable experience.


We’ve evaluated the Parlux Digitalyon light air ionizer among our top hair dryers because of its simple-to-operate controls and light design. The most lightweight dryer we’ve tested for hair is incredibly comfortable to hold.

It comes in various shades, including silver (shown), blue, and anthracite. It also has two nozzles inside the box.

The motor’s digital design ensures it does an excellent job of drying hair and concentrating air flow via the nozzle. In addition, Air Ionizer tech optimizes the release of negative ions through the ceramic grill for elegant and smooth results.

For curly hair, consider including the Alyon diffuser or Magic Sense diffuser in the mix (both available separately).

The weight of 395g makes it lightweight compared to other dryers we’ve examined. We also discovered that its design is durable enough to withstand minor scrapes or knocks. The hair dryer may suffer when preparing in the nick of time.

The 2400-watt digital motor is designed to produce a lighter and more quiet hair dryer with a maximum airflow of 88m3 in an hour. We were amazed at the Digitalyon Light Ionizer’s performance in drying hair. It has two speeds and three temperature settings, which you can alter depending on your hair type.

Parlux Digitalyon Light Air


  • List cost: PS169.95
  • It is only available to the UK

As of the date at the time of writing this article, it appears that the Parlux Digitalyon Hair Dryer is only available for shipping to addresses within the UK at PS169.95 from retailers such as Salons Direct(opens in a new tab) and Sally Beauty(opens in a New Tab) and directly from Parlux.

This is excellent value for an elegant, well-balanced, speedy, and robust design with a high-end finish. For comparison, you will find similarly innovative hair dryers like GHD Helios for around $210/PS189, the GHD Helios for about $210/PS189, or the renowned Dyson Supersonic for $354/PS320.

Price and score of availability 4/5


  • 395g lightweight design
  • Feels very balanced in the palm
  • Secure controls remain in place

The Parlux Digitalyon Light Ionizer is among the most pleasant hair dryers we’ve tried in our review of the top hair dryers in 2023. We believe this results from its lightweight, well-balanced frame and well-designed controls.

One of the first things we observed using the hair dryer was how safe the controls are after you’ve switched them on.

A few hair dryers we’ve used come with rules that can be easily smashed, resulting in the hair dryer switching off or on when you most likely wouldn’t. The Parlux is an excellent example of ensuring you can use the setting you prefer until you choose alternatively.

We noticed that the styling of the dryer was well-balanced, with the same proportion of weight between the hair dryer and the handle. The cord also has large enough, allowing you to move without restriction while you style your hair.

It also has parallax’s Hair Free system on board that catches hairs with stray hairs before they reach the motor. This helps keep the filter in good condition and makes the performance outstanding.

It comes in three colors. Parlux can be found in blue, anthracite, and silver. Parlux has made sure that the design is clean and straightforward to use and has the controls placed on the sides of the handle, making it simple to change between settings.

You can select between two speeds and three temperature settings. Accessing the excellent shot at the handle’s front also makes it easy to secure hair. The cool-shot button is colored blue and is easy to spot when using it.

The box contains two nozzles that can be used for smoothing frizz and styling both short and long hair. Contrary to some other sets of hair dryers, however, the Parlux does not include diffusers; we would have liked to see additional features like a heat mat or a comb, for instance.

If you’re looking to put curls in place, it’s best to pay an extra fee to purchase an Aylon and Magic Sense diffuser, which can be easily inserted into the top of the dryer. However, this is an excellent value for a quick, quiet hair dryer.

The score for design: 4.5/5


  • Powerful and quiet motor for digital E-LYON.
  • Two straightening spray nozzles to give elegant results
  • Excellent for speedy drying and smooth results.

The thing that most surprised us with the Parlux is that it is with a powerful 2400-watt electronic E-LYON motor within its light style.

The hair dryer is engineered to provide an air stream concentrated at up to 88m3/h. This helps reduce drying time and ensures that hair is protected to give that shiny finish. Utilizing a decibel meter application, we measured the noise level at 84dB when the hair dryer was most potent.

This is quite impressive for this fast and powerful model.

We used the three-temperature and two-speed settings for our long, thick hair. We discovered that it effectively controlled dry hair or flyaways quickly and efficiently.

Air Ionizer technology optimizes the production of negative ions. In conjunction with the integrated ceramic grille, you’re more likely to obtain silky smooth and frizz-free results.

With various temperature settings and an excellent shot, This hair dryer will provide everything you require for smoothing and keeping hair in its place. It can, however, become boiling when you use the highest setting. Although this is great for hair with a lot of volume, We found it to be a bit too hot for young heads with finer hair. If you’re hoping to use this dryer for everyone in your family, you may prefer the lower temperature.

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