Halo Infinite’s artistic director Tom French, Halo Infinite(opens in a new tab)’s creative director for multiplayer, announced the night before that they would be transitioning away from 343i, stating that they “couldn’t be happier about my experience working at 343” and that it was a “massive honour” to be part of a game they loved so very much.”

“After more than 11 and a half years in Halo, I take off from my Spartan armour for the final moment today and head into new adventures,” French tweeted last night.

“It’s been an immense honour to be an integral part of a sport I enjoyed as a player and loved the most as a game designer. I couldn’t be happier about my time with 343.”

Some of their colleagues came in to offer their congratulations to the French well publicly. Senior Game designer David Ellis said (opens in a new tab): “thank you for everything, Tom,” and the head of creative at Halo, Joseph Staten, said (opens in a new tab): “Once a Spartan always a Spartan. Thank you for all your work for Halo”.

Halo Infinite's artistic director

The departure comes just a few weeks after 343 Industries parted ways with its chief developer for Halo Infinite’s Slipspace Engine technology, David Berger, and 343 Industries ‘ founder Bonnie Ross, who left the company in fifteen years(opens in a new tab) to take care of a “family medical problem.”

Ross’s position has since been divided into three sections the production head Pierre Hintze taking over as studio head and director of marketing; Bryan Koski, becoming Halo franchise general manager; and the head of operations, business, and engagement with the community Elizabeth Van Wyck now overseeing business operations and business.

Although Halo Infinite was critically popular(opens in a new tab) in its initial release, its infrequent and delayed content updates have left players unhappy. The bright side is that this month Halo Infinite fans found a way to access an experimental version of the fan-favourite series’ infected mode(opens in a new tab).

The Halo Infinite Winter update was released and brought with it the famous Forge tool for creativity gamers immediately got into the game to discover what was available in the new file-sharing system.

“It seems like you’ve had a first look at some prototypes for mode,” senior community manager John Junyszek says to a fan. “Since they still need to be improved, we’ll hide the details – which will be a huge problem for any copies. Once we’re ready to reveal more information about them and the dates for their release, We’ll notify you.”

25 top shooters to shoot right today

You’re spoilt for choice in the field of top shooters. If you’re searching for excellent first-person shooters that will take you into new realms or third-person shooters that offer an enlarged view of combat, you’ll find something to suit all players in our top 25 list of the 25 top shooter games.

Although GamesRadar+ has an extensive list of the top FPS games that you can play right today, this ranking of the top shooters will guide you through all the best features. Whether you’re looking for battle royales, high-speed multiplayer or single-player games, There’s a bit of everything in this collection of the top shooters available.


PlatinumGames has always been a leader in creating fast-paced and exciting experiences that feature explosions, and lengthy melee combinations are the standard. In Vanquish, the frantic action is transformed into a high-end third-person shooter. The game was created by Shinji Mikami, the director of the original Resident Evil; the 4 to 6-hour game is pure adrenaline. Using many modern, fast-fire weapons, it takes away giant bosses and foes. Activities like the thrilling slide or slowing the camera to shoot an explosive headshot are the defining moments of the game’s title. When you’ve gotten to the end of the game, there are a variety of challenges and higher levels of difficulty to engage in. It’s a thrilling experience that players should never miss, especially when you’re a lover of shooters or Platinum franchises.


There’s a reason Rapture is such a popular area within a video game. The dark, sombre ruins of this underwater paradise house hundreds of hostile inhabitants that are quick to give an appropriate welcome when you step foot on the island. Huge Big Daddies, joined by the mysterious Little Sisters and a gang of antagonists, await you at every turn. The Plasmids, also known as Plasmids, will give you supernatural powers ranging from throwing electricity and fire to summoning the beehive from your palm. Dry and gritty surroundings aren’t the only concerns, however. The narrative-driven narrative remains a staple today, and with the recent release of the Remastered edition, there are better times to explore the BioShock world.


The brains at Remedy Entertainment have recognized themselves for creating their universe and stories that revolve around shooting games. Control is a game that has you being the leader of a bureau responsible for the supernatural aspects of our lives is perhaps their most intriguing and bizarre to the present. The main character Jesse is in charge of an instrument that changes form and shapes with improvements over time; however, other things changed. The entire facility is a living entity that has lost its balance, and it’s your job to stop whatever is the cause before it can escape and threaten humanity. The fast-paced action is complemented by telekinesis, levitation and many more as you travel deeper and deeper into the Metroidvania-style maze known as the Oldest House.

Doom Eternal

Bethesda, as well as id Software, surprised everyone with the return of Doom in 2016 with a new campaign that combines the elements that made the original game so unique with a current campaign. Doom Eternal elevates everything to a higher level by introducing new enemies and weapons to the world of Doom, delving into the mythology of marines and creating a platform that exceeds the expectations of what a Doom game should be. Traversing not just through hell but also swiftly traversing the world of various ancient civilizations, performing Glory Kills and destroying everything that crosses your path with the dependable double-barrelled shotgun. This is a bolder and more expansive campaign that’s not afraid of risking and breaking the foundations. It’s also better because of it.

The Division 2

Division 2 is an expansive and rich game that is enjoyable in single-player mode, but it’s best to enjoy it with a group of fellow gamers or even strangers on the internet. In addition, the portrayal of an apocalyptic Washington D.C. has you exploring streets filled with stunning stories of the environment, places to discover and different factions to protect yourself from. While it excels in PVE, it is also an excellent game for the PVP aspect is equally interesting, especially when you go into the legendary Dark Zone, where groups of players fight for their supplies in intense combat. Still, only one player can make it out in safety. If you’re looking for the most valuable loot possible, enhancing your character’s abilities and skill tree and becoming more vital as time passes, it’s the game for you.

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